Extra Services

Credit and administration

Credit faster, professionally!

We help our members to finance and lend their business, be it an investment, pre-financing a tender or an overdraft. As a member of the KéK Group of Companies, you do not have to line up at a bank branch, but the regional manager, as a personal banker, assesses your financial needs and initiates the claims at the territorially competent bank branch. the amount and type of credit the company can claim. With the support of the KéK Group of Companies, borrowing is easier and cheaper, and individual interest conditions can be achieved on the basis of a cooperation agreement concluded with various banks.


In our specialty store, the members of the KéK Group of Companies can get significant discounts on mobile communication devices and accessories that are essential for the operation of the business. We offer members state-of-the-art, branded devices, mobile phones, tablets and accessories (case, charger, data cable, etc.) with discounted subscriptions. We provide our members with a 5% discount on both devices and accessories.


Would you apply with your company, but is it foreign to you?
Don’t know how to get started?

The tender writing department of the KéK Group of Companies provides complex services to clients, and also deals with resource planning and project development. As a consultant, we participate in the life of businesses, we can offer solutions that are of great benefit to businesses. We manage our projects in a so-called one-stop-shop system, in a success fee construction, so the commission fee is only due in case of a winning tender.

Reference calculation

The hourly fee of an application writing specialist can be as high as thousands or tens of thousands of forints in the case of a consultation. As a member of the KéK Company Group, the commission fee will be due to you only and exclusively in case of a winning tender, thus saving significant costs.


Save on stationery costs with us!

The KéK Group of Companies, in cooperation with Hungary’s market-leading paper, stationery and computer equipment trading and service company, serves the needs of its members in this direction. Arrange the quick purchase of office supplies conveniently! You can order everything you need for office work through the web store of our partners. With the help of the KéK Group of Companies, you can purchase the products below the official wholesale price, and we provide free home delivery within 48 hours for orders over HUF 15,000 net.


Favorable energy and gas service for you!

The KéK Group of Companies launched the electricity and natural gas sales activity in 2010 for the representatives of the Hungarian SME sector, thanks to which the Members can achieve significant discounts in the field of the most important energy sources.


Mediation help for you!

The mediation office provides representation, mediation, advice and consultation in business matters and legal proceedings. The representatives of the office can provide professional assistance to the members of the Company Group in the following areas: civil law mediation, criminal law mediation, economic law mediation. The service includes the management and settlement of debts, the promotion and settlement of litigation through negotiations, and consultations related to tax investigations.


Fleet tracking

Intelligent fleet tracking!

The intelligent fleet tracking system offered by the KéK Group of Companies offers a multitude of useful functions. These include the possibility to plan and register the e-toll online, the parking function (a solution that triggers the payment of a parking toll in cash), a security system that sends an alarm in the event of an unauthorized intrusion (so it is possible to disable the vehicle). The system allows the operator to continuously monitor the position and driving data of all vehicles.

The fleet tracking system can be used not only for cars and trucks, but also for agricultural machinery, machinery and other commercial machines, and is recommended for both agricultural and industrial use.



Savings for you!

Our goal is to support not only our Members, but also the employees of our Members with our services! We offer several savings options that can help you achieve different goals.

One of the most popular forms of investment is the housing savings fund, for which contractors can receive up to HUF 720,000 in state support. For the customers of the KéK Group of Companies, concluding a contract is usually free of charge.

Reference calculation

The housing savings fund is a rightly popular form of savings, as the contracting party can receive a 30% state subsidy (but not more than HUF 72,000 per year). The contract fee is 1% of the contract amount, which can amount to tens of thousands of forints in a 10-year savings. For our customers, concluding a contract is usually free of charge.

In addition to LTP, we also offer the opportunity to open a health and pension fund for our customers. We can choose the most optimal solutions from the offers and services of more than 20 partner companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

KéK Cégcsoport Kft (Ltd)

More than 4,000 companies have joined the KéK Group of Companies since its foundation, so we can request services from Hungary’s leading service providers at a price that no single company would know on its own. Thus, the companies that have joined us can use a number of basic services from us at a discount, such as telephone, internet, fuel and many other services that are essential for our operation.

With the free connection, our KÉK Körkép interface will be available to you, where you can contact more than 4,000 companies all over Hungary free of charge. Introduce your business, products and services, find new partners and suppliers, all for free!

However, the use of discounted services is subject to a one-time connection fee, the one-time net fee of which is HUF 25,000, and the fixed monthly fee is a net HUF 4,500, which must be paid in half-year cycles.

After connecting online (registration), our KéK Panorama interface will be available immediately, which you can use to build a connection. In addition, the services that can be applied for at a discount can also be viewed, however, their application is already subject to a fee. To apply or to join in full, please contact the contact details provided. At the same time as joining, one of our employees will contact you immediately with the necessary information and opportunities.

Our KéK Panorama interface is free of charge for all businesses.

In the case of full members, it has no other obligations to the KéK Group in addition to the one-time registration fee and the half-yearly administration fee. Of course, requesting services is subject to a fee, which, however, is much more favorable than market list prices.

All our members have access to our online KéK Panorama service, in the framework of which our members can communicate freely with each other. Thus gaining even new customers for your company.

Join the KÉK business community

The With a free connection, you can use our KéK Körkép interface free of charge, where you can present your business by contacting more than 4,000 subscriber members and other free members. Thus, gaining new customers or partners for your business. Try it for free today! In addition, the application for discounted services is subject to the payment of a fee, the net fee of which is HUF 4,500 / month! Save on costs, on better terms than list prices! Find out about the services that you can definitely get cheaper with us!