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Buy a car cheaper

Would you improve your business by purchasing a commercial vehicle? Choose from the offers of nearly 15 importers Our partner, we guarantee a personalized, extremely favorable price!
We offer significant discounts compared to list prices, so you can get the selected car up to 23% cheaper.

Reference calculation

If the gross purchase price of the selected configuration is HUF 10,000,000, as a member of the KÉK Group of Companies with a discount of up to HUF 2,300,000, you can purchase the vehicle for a gross HUF 7,700,000.

In addition to the purchase of a car, we also offer individual financing conditions for social enterprises and sole proprietors, as well as family members and employees of enterprises!
The amount of the discount varies by brand and type, so always ask for a unique offer from our Staff!

cheaper fuel

Refuel much cheaper!

With the MOL fuel card created especially for the members of the KéK Group of Companies, you can buy fuel at almost 500 filling stations in Hungary, as well as at partner wells across the border, as a preferred customer!
Thanks to the special fuel card, our Members can refuel at a significantly lower price, the discount can be up to 40-60 HUF compared to a more expensive well!
Deferred payment options, tax refunds and many more are available as a cardholder!

Reference calculation

At the filling station, we buy 50 liters of fuel at a published price of HUF 400. The amount to be paid on the spot is HUF 20,000 gross. Using the MOL card created for KéK Members, the final amount of refueling can be up to HUF 1,500-3,000 lower, and the payment is not due on the spot in cash, but up to 30 days later.


Incredible telecommunication discounts!

Telecommunication devices and services with up to 80% discount for the members of the KéK Group of Companies! Reduce your minute and monthly fees, buy a device with an outstanding discount!
Join Hungary’s perhaps largest mobile fleet, talk to your family, co-workers and more for 0 HUF per minute. with over 40,000 subscribers!
Low monthly fee and per minute fee, or complete unlimited? Which would you choose? Contact our Area Leaders for details!

Reference calculation

The average per-minute fee for public business tariff packages is between HUF 20 and 32 gross. As a member of the KéK Group of Companies, you can reduce your per-minute charges by up to 80%, but you can also choose the complete unlimited, which we will provide you at half price compared to the constructions known so far.

Nearly 20 years of close cooperation with Magyar Telekom enables us to provide our Members with significantly more favorable conditions than the list prices! You can get the usual premium service, but at a much better price!

discounted travel

Travel cheaper as a member!

Businesses can not only count on the effective support of the KéK Group in business, but we are also happy to help with holidays and travel.

In addition to popular holiday destinations available by charter and scheduled flights, KéK Travel offers other accommodation, apartments, hotels and flights all year round. In addition to various city tours and cruises, holiday programs for exotic countries are also available. We offer sea and river cruises, and if you want to spend a pleasant week with your family or friends on a casual but high-quality basis, we also offer discounted boat rentals on the Adriatic.

Thanks to our Hungarian partners, we offer high-quality accommodation and services within our borders. In addition, we undertake to organize special business trips, further trainings and team-building trainings for companies and groups both abroad and at home.

Nice card and other benefits

Many useful and valuable surveys for you!

Based on the legislation in force, we will examine whether your company’s regulations on benefits in kind are correctly applied. We provide advice on further tax optimization to achieve net income growth.

The implementation of the optimal benefit system is carried out from the survey to the employee declaration, and we prepare the company’s regulations on fringe benefits.

Outstanding insurance

Outstanding insurance services for you!

The KéK Financial Advisory Office serves the Members of the Group as an independent insurance broker! Comparing the offers of all domestic insurance companies, we offer our Clients the most favorable conditions!
Insurance companies, as our strategic partners, offer individual constructions for the Membership, this can take the form of a more favorable price or a higher content, sum insured.

In addition, our office undertakes to liaise between insurers and companies, to evaluate and review existing contracts, to renegotiate them as necessary, and to re-conclude expired contracts on more favorable terms.

Frequently Asked Questions

KéK Cégcsoport Kft (Ltd)

More than 4,000 companies have joined the KéK Group of Companies since its foundation, so we can request services from Hungary’s leading service providers at a price that no single company would know on its own. Thus, the companies that have joined us can use a number of basic services from us at a discount, such as telephone, internet, fuel and many other services that are essential for our operation.

With the free connection, our KÉK Körkép interface will be available to you, where you can contact more than 4,000 companies all over Hungary free of charge. Introduce your business, products and services, find new partners and suppliers, all for free!

However, the use of discounted services is subject to a one-time connection fee, the one-time net fee of which is HUF 25,000, and the fixed monthly fee is a net HUF 4,500, which must be paid in half-year cycles.

After connecting online (registration), our KéK Panorama interface will be available immediately, which you can use to build a connection. In addition, the services that can be applied for at a discount can also be viewed, however, their application is already subject to a fee. To apply or to join in full, please contact the contact details provided. At the same time as joining, one of our employees will contact you immediately with the necessary information and opportunities.

Our KéK Panorama interface is free of charge for all businesses.

In the case of full members, it has no other obligations to the KéK Group in addition to the one-time registration fee and the half-yearly administration fee. Of course, requesting services is subject to a fee, which, however, is much more favorable than market list prices.

All our members have access to our online KéK Panorama service, in the framework of which our members can communicate freely with each other. Thus gaining even new customers for your company.

Join the KÉK business community

The With a free connection, you can use our KéK Körkép interface free of charge, where you can present your business by contacting more than 4,000 subscriber members and other free members. Thus, gaining new customers or partners for your business. Try it for free today! In addition, the application for discounted services is subject to the payment of a fee, the net fee of which is HUF 4,500 / month! Save on costs, on better terms than list prices! Find out about the services that you can definitely get cheaper with us!