Featured services

Buy a cheaper car, Discount fuel, Telecommunications, Outstanding insurance, Exclusive travel offers, Nice card and other benefits.

Extra services

Credit and administration, Mobile devices and service, Tender monitoring, Stationery service, Gas and energy, Mediation, Health and pension fund, Fleet tracking, Building services

Online services

The online services of the KéK Group of Companies were created with the aim of supporting its members to exploit the potential of digital business services. All this in the highest quality we are used to, from the best and largest suppliers in Hungary.

Frequently Asked Questions

KéK Cégcsoport Kft (Ltd)

More than 4,000 companies have joined the KéK Group of Companies since its foundation, so we can request services from Hungary’s leading service providers at a price that no single company would know on its own. Thus, the companies that have joined us can use a number of basic services from us at a discount, such as telephone, internet, fuel and many other services that are essential for our operation.

With the free connection, our KÉK Körkép interface will be available to you, where you can contact more than 4,000 companies all over Hungary free of charge. Introduce your business, products and services, find new partners and suppliers, all for free!

However, the use of discounted services is subject to a one-time connection fee, the one-time net fee of which is HUF 25,000, and the fixed monthly fee is a net HUF 4,500, which must be paid in half-year cycles.

After connecting online (registration), our KéK Panorama interface will be available immediately, which you can use to build a connection. In addition, the services that can be applied for at a discount can also be viewed, however, their application is already subject to a fee. To apply or to join in full, please contact the contact details provided. At the same time as joining, one of our employees will contact you immediately with the necessary information and opportunities.

Our KéK Panorama interface is free of charge for all businesses.

In the case of full members, it has no other obligations to the KéK Group in addition to the one-time registration fee and the half-yearly administration fee. Of course, requesting services is subject to a fee, which, however, is much more favorable than market list prices.

All our members have access to our online KéK Panorama service, in the framework of which our members can communicate freely with each other. Thus gaining even new customers for your company.

Join the KÉK business community

The With a free connection, you can use our KéK Körkép interface free of charge, where you can present your business by contacting more than 4,000 subscriber members and other free members. Thus, gaining new customers or partners for your business. Try it for free today! In addition, the application for discounted services is subject to the payment of a fee, the net fee of which is HUF 4,500 / month! Save on costs, on better terms than list prices! Find out about the services that you can definitely get cheaper with us!